StandInBaby Rental

StanInBaby has arrived at Bumblebee Boutique and is now available to rent.

Bumblebee Boutique is a proud supporter of StandInBaby and newborn photographer safety training. For those who are not able to or prefer not to purchase their own SIB, or if you would like to 'try before you buy', Bumblebee Boutique will be offering a SIB rental program. We are currently arranging our rental contract and all the legal bits and once this is finalised SIB will be available to rent.

New babies are so special and precious, and new parents are often nervous of allowing strangers to handle their little bundle of joy, so it is important that photographers are well trained in safety when posing babies. StandInBaby is a unique training aid developed by photographers for photographers to enable you to practice tricky poses to improve your skills and gain confidence without putting a real baby at risk. It is also useful for practicing set-ups for props and lighting beforehand to improve your flow and save you time on the day of a shoot. In addition, StandInBaby can be used to help with sibling, parent and grandparent posing, enabling the photographer to safely demonstrate how the baby should be held. This is useful too when siblings are nervous about holding baby in the studio situation.

StandInBaby has been praised by safety advocates within the newborn photography industry worldwide as an outstanding and long needed training tool. 

To enquire about rental or to obtain a copy of the rental agreement and rates please send a message via the contact form here.

Watch me unboxing StandInBaby!