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Rag Quilt - Roses & Wreaths

Who doesn't love a romantic garden full of pink roses? There are three variations of this pretty quilt.

1. Roses and Wreaths - alternating squares of the rose garden fabric with a delicate rose wreath print - backing of all wreath print

2. Roses and Wreaths - quilt topper same as number 1 but with a pale pink burlap-look print backing, for those who like a plainer textured alternative layer

3. Roses, Wreaths & Burlap - combining the 3 pretty pink prints for the top, with an all-roses backing

Designed for use in crates, mini beds, prams, on a posing bean bag, or on the floor. 


Approx 50cm x 38cm (20" x 15")

100% cotton, machine washable.