Hand-dyed Fleece

100% Australian grown Fleece, scoured and hand-dyed exclusively for Bumblebee Boutique. Each pack of Fleece contains enough to fill a standard posing bowl. All colours have tonal variation throughout the pack. The fleece is loose with a mix of fluffy clumps and crinkly fibres. Easy to tease apart to create as much volume as you need. Get creative mixing two or more colours.

Fleece can be gently hand-washed in cold water if soiled.

Avalaible colours: 

Natural White - Straight from the sheep, scoured and washed. Beautifully natural soft white.

Cream - Rich cream colour, with hints of peach 

Cream Blend - A blend of cream with more distinct peachy tones giving a greater depth of colour

Lemon - Soft and delicate lemon

Baby Pink - Delicate pastel pink

Pink Blend - A mix of pastel and brighter tones of pink

Blue Blend - A mix of pastel and deeper tones of blue

Pale Mauve - Pastel mauve

Mauve Blend - Pastel mauve blended with slightly deeper tones giving a beautiful depth of colour and texture

Mint Green - reminiscent of sea foam; a soft fresh gender neutral colour

3 Colour Combo - your choice of any 3 at a discounted price. Please note your colour selections in the box provided at checkout.

N.B. While every effort is made to ensure that images accurately represent the colour of the product, images may display differently due to variations in monitor/screen calibration, lighting conditions and processing.

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Category: basket stuffer, fleece, wool

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