Kid-Silk Mohair Bonnet & Wrap

The Limited Edition Bonnet or Bonnet & Wrap sets are lovingly hand knitted (no machine knitting) from top quality lace-weight Kid-Silk Mohair yarn which is hand-dyed.  Soft and fine with an almost lighter than air translucence; available in a range of hand dyed colours which make a unique addition to your newborn prop stash that you will love to use over and over again. Coordinate two or three sets with each other for twin or triplet shoots.

Ethereal Blue - a blend of powder blue, aqua and sky blue.

White Opal - soft subtle tones of pink, green and blue blended in translucent white.

Pink Magnolia - shades of pink with a touch of grey.

Purple Sea Anemone - rich purple with highlights of deep green.

Sea Urchin -  blue/green tones reminiscent of the deepest ocean

Soft Lime - light crisp fresh green.

Lemon Citrus - Bright and sunny, yet soft lemon which teams beautifully with the Soft Lime. 

Apricot - Beautiful and delicate

Lavender - A soft traditional favourite colour


All designs and images are Copyright and may not be copied or used without written consent. 

Studio image used courtesy of Studio KSA 


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